Achieve Your Marketing Goal

5 steps to get fully optimized in under 8 weeks
Get Started

Define campaign strategy

Work closely with our team to discuss your conversion goals, set pricing, identify targeting parameters and build out your campaign.

Launch your campaign

Our Ad Operations team launches your campaign. That’s when machine learning comes into play in a test-and-learn process to create buying models aligned to your advertising goals.

Optimize key performance indicators

Our platform optimizes towards your install and post-install KPIs in real-time. Over 1000 variables are fine tuned to find the winning combo to reach high converting users at the right time and place.

Scale campaign

Once we’ve found the sweet spot where quality and pricing meet, we scale the campaign. Over time, we are able to target only users with the highest likelihood of driving in-app conversions—all while keeping your CPI target in mind.

Continuously Improve

As insights are uncovered, our Account Management team consults you on recommended campaign tactics, such as creatives, targeting and inventory options.