Trust Policy




TRUSTed Data Collection Provisional Certification
Valid through 07/31/14

TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Data Program Requirements apply to companies who help in the optimization or serving of an online advertisement. These Program Requirements set the standard for responsible third party data collection practices by Ad Companies addressing Online Behavioral Advertizing (OBA). Allowing Ad Companies who lack a direct relationship with an individual can a way to demonstrate they use data collected from web sites or mobile applications, or data received from different sources in a manner that respects an individual’s preference.

The Trusted Data Program is a single program that sets forth requirements consistent with regulatory guidelines such as Federal Trade Commission’s Self-Regulatory Guidelines on OBA, a self-regulatory frameworks such as the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) OBA, multi-site, and mobile principles, and the DAA Canada OBA Principles. In addition, Ad Companies certified under these program requirements will be certified to a standard consistent with the Network Advertising Initiative’s 2013 Code of Conduct and Mobile Application Code.

MANAGE.COM is actively working with TRUSTe to incorporate to privacy-by-design approach in a developing its Data Management Platform.TRUSTe has assessed’s product requirements, demos, and policies associated with the MANAGE.COM Data Management Platform against TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Data Program Requirements, and have determined the product is begin designed and developed to comply with the TRUSTed Data Program Requirements. Based on this determination TRUSTe provisionally certifies MANAGE.COM’s Data Management Platform.